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Lugge Eco

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The Luggie Eco folding Mobility Scooter is just as portable and functional as all the Luggie scooters, and at a budget price it is a great way start your journey with the Luggie brand. The Eco is based on the Luggie Standard model but with an industry-accepted sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) rather than a Lithium-Ion battery pack. This allows for a lower price while keeping all the other features of the Luggie Standard


  • Budget entry-level model, based on the original Luggie Standard,
  • Same highly engineered lightweight alloy frame,
  • Full or half fold for easy lifting or transport.
  • Adjustable tiller angle and height
  • Two height seat adjustment
  • Optional armrests available
  • SLA batteries compliant with IATA,
  • Battery pack can be removed for remote charging

The Luggie Eco relies on traditional SLA batteries which are less expensive than Li-ion batteries. Although heavier than Li-ion batteries, SLA batteries have a higher range per charge, but a shorter life span.



Length x Width (cm) 95 x 45.5
Weight (w/o batteries) 23.5 kg
Battery weight 12 kg
Max speed (fwd) 6 kph
Range* 15-25 km
Carrying capacity* 114 kg
Seat size (L x W) 28 x 37 cm
Battery size (amp hours) 2 x 12 a/h SLA
Charger (amps) 3


Pre-delivery assembly, testing and training [+$100.00]