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Do you have a portable travel mobility scooter or a wheelchair but do not know how to maintain it? Taking care of mobility equipment seems intimidating for plenty of people. But in truth, the process is not as daunting as you think it is. 

Since mobility scooters and wheelchairs are critical equipment for people with mobility needs, maintenance is crucial. Whether you use a manual wheelchair, freedom power chair, or a portable mobility scooter, knowing how to care for your equipment means it will perform better and be more reliable. It also extends its life. 

A bit of maintenance can go a long way. With the easy tips we’ve put together below, you will feel more confident about keeping your mobility equipment in top-notch shape and being the master of its maintenance. 

Read the Manual Carefully

The user’s manual is a reliable source of information for maintenance tips and safe use guidelines. When you regularly follow the tips, you can help preserve the performance of your wheelchair or mobility scooter and extend its life.

Keep Your Batteries Healthy

If you are using a portable travel mobility scooter, it will be no use without the batteries. As such, you need to ask the provider before making any purchase how long you have to charge your batteries to make sure that the scooter works properly. Some manufacturers will require you to completely discharge your batteries before charging them again while others will allow you to charge whenever needed. So, confirm this when you buy your mobility scooter. 

Make sure you do not overcharge your batteries. Instead, charge your batteries for a specific time period. When charging, check your battery from time to time to ensure that it is fully charged. 

Monitor Your Tyres 

Checking tyre tread and keeping pneumatic tyres well-inflated can help your mobility scooter or wheelchair roll smoothly on the ground. If you do not look after your tyres, there’s a chance they may impact the overall performance of your equipment. For instance, more resistance when self-propelling or difficulty accelerating in a motorised device. 

Clean and Take Note of Any Damage 

Regularly cleaning your mobility scooter or wheelchair prevents dirt and grit to build up and potentially enter and damage the moving parts of your mobility equipment, such as the brakes and motors. Cleaning can also prevent rust and other unnecessary health problems. 

Remember, dust, dirt, and grit do no good for anyone—not for you nor your mobility scooter.

Secure a Storage

When you are not using your mobility scooter or wheelchair, make sure to cover it. Store the equipment in a dry, clean, and secure area. If you do not have a garage or a shed, place the equipment in your house or apartment. 

Low and high temperatures can affect your mobility scooter, reducing the overall lifespan of your battery. So, make sure to cover your scooters when not in use to protect them from low temperatures and prevent corrosion. 

Conduct General Checks

The underside may be the hardest to see and reach part of your mobility scooter, but it may as well be the part that is the easiest to overlook. Therefore, regularly check the underside of your mobility scooter for damage or trapped debris. If left unchecked, it may cause further and much more serious damage, including damage to your mobility scooter motor.

Check for any loose screws. 

Loose screws weaken the structural integrity of your mobility scooter, which make it less safe and easy to operate and drive. They also fall out completely, which furthers the risk of injury or more severe mobility scooter damage. 

Check tyres for damage.

Find out any damages to both solid and pneumatic tyres. On one hand, pneumatic tyre damage may lead to avoidable punctures. On the other hand, solid tyre damage can cause problems with mobility scooter manoeuvrability and handling, as well as driving comfort. 

Check indicators and lights.

Lights and indicators are important, especially when you are driving your mobility scooter in traffic—be it a busy sidewalk crowded with pedestrians or a side of a minor road. When your scooter has damaged indicators and faulty lights, you are putting yourself in danger as well as everyone else around you. 

Consider Regular Servicing

Your portable travel mobility scooter or wheelchair supplier should be able to service your equipment and include a service program for your records. If not, you should service your mobility scooter or wheelchair every 6-12 months, depending on how frequently you use your device. 

If you are planning to use your scooter or wheelchair on your weekend getaway, it is worth getting service before taking it on holidays or long trips. A professional service should include: 

  • checking, repairing, or replacing batteries and chargers as needed; 
  • ensuring brakes and steering are safe and have been cared for; 
  • monitoring the condition of tyres and tubes and replacing them if necessary; 
  • making sure all screws, fixtures, and moving parts are intact (e.g. bolts, fuses, and wheel bearings); 
  • addressing any issues or concerns you raise; 
  • repairing damage; and 
  • securing insurance. 

While maintaining your mobility equipment helps in keeping you and everyone around you safe, your environment may not be. Everyday obstacles, such as uneven footpaths, pedestrians, cyclists, driveways, and road crossings, can create dangerous situations. If are unfortunate, accidents can happen. 

As such, buy a scooter or wheelchair from a service provider with a series of unique features and benefits in their policy specially designed for mobility equipment users. The features should include third party injury and property cover, fire, flood, vandalism, loss or damage by theft, and costs to get you and your equipment home after an accident. 


By following the simple steps outlined in this brief article, you can help improve the lifespan of your mobility scooter or freedom power chair. Plus, you can safely and carelessly enjoy the independence it can bring for a long time. 

One final note: always check your manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. This will provide you with a list of the basic do’s and don’ts, particularly around the safe use of your mobility scooter. 

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