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April 3, 2019
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April 3, 2019

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Afiscooter S Wins International Design Award

Since 1955, the “red dot” product design competition is an internationally recognized quality seal. The best products receive the “red dot: best of the best” award. The Afiscooter-S beat out over 4,000 candidates to win the 2011 red dot design award. Afiscooters , joins the ranks of past red dot winners such as the Apple Iphone, the Mercedes SLS and Rolls Royce vehicles.

Afiscooter S3 all terrain

The Afiscooter S is winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. It offers an impressive driving range, an ergonomic design to make the ride more comfortable,
a programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen and LED headlights. The Afiscooter S has a fully adjustable tiller and an integrated canopy for protection from sun and light rain. The Afiscooter S has a fully adjustable orthopaedic seat, full suspension and a shock-absorbing steel frame. The 3-wheel model has superb manoeuvrability and unrivalled ease of steering.

The importance of after sales support and service

After sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process. when it comes to buying mobility equipment.

5star mobility Scooters consider you our customer for life and are here to assist you should something go wrong 24/7 with your  purchase.

we just do not talk the talk we walk the walk with you until you are fully satisfied with our caring team who will work with you till you are fully satisfied







The result of three years of labour

The award-winning design of the Afiscooter-S is the result of a three-year process. We asked the chief designer, Amit Avigdor, to describe the process: How do you start a project this size?

“The first step was to characterize the vehicle through in-depth market research and surveys among users. We formulated the conclusions from this study and created – at the idea level – the “Dream Machine”.
“The initial sketches were designed based on the researcher’s findings in compliance with the requirements of the engineering department. In addition to that, the studio’s main task was to create a vehicle that would give the driver a perfect user experience.

Driving a is a life style. The design of the Afiscooter-S is special and desirable not only because of appearances but also for its ergonomic design.”
“We changed the experience of mobility from simply a quality of life to a lifestyle.”
“This is one of the world’s most modular vehicles. To fit everyone’s needs it’s made in many different configurations – with three wheels or four, with or without a canopy and can be driven by a single driver or a couple.”

What were the other guidelines in designing Afiscooter-S?

“The user wants basically to move from one point to the other. The question is how they do it. We wanted them to get around easily and to make everyone on the street turn their heads. We changed the experience of mobility from simply a quality of life to a lifestyle. The Afiscooter-S is  a scooter that  our customers and colleagues desire to have and not necessarily because they have mobility difficulties but for its attractive and practical design – therefore we won the Red Dot design award.”

About Afiscooters

Afiscooters develops and manufactures advanced, electrically-powered mobility scooters.
Afiscooters’ reputation for technological innovation, world-class manufacturing, aesthetic design,
and exceptional quality has made its scooters best sellers.
Afiscooters’ range of innovative mobility scooters cater for every need – from the state-of-the-art heavy duty outdoor mobility scooters to superlight indoor scooters which can be easily disassembled and stored in the trunk of a car. Each Afiscooters have been designed for user comfort, with fully adjustable orthopaedic seats. Easy to drive and simple to maintain, the sturdy scooters offer complete reliability in all driving conditions.
Afiscooters are designed with driver safety in mind and incorporate a built-in safety system which halts the vehicle should the driver lose control. Afiscooters meet European and US safety standards and hold FDA approval, ISO 9001-2000 and EN-12184 certification.


Overall Length: 61” 155 cm

Overall Width: 27” 68 cm

With wide wheels 35” 88 cm

Overall Height: Without canopy 49” 125 cm

With canopy 65” 164 cm

Ground Clearance: 5” 12.5 cm

Weight: With batteries 337 lb 153 kg

Without batteries 234 lb 106 kg

Add for canopy +26 lb +12 kg

Add for wide wheels +22 lb +10 kg

Travel Range: 28 mile 45 km

Weight capacity: Inc. driver 450 lb 200 kg

Maximum Speed:10 Km/h

Max. climbing angle: 20%

Turning radius: 56” 143 cm

Seating: 18 ” 46 cm

Tires type: Pneumatic

Tires size: Front 3X10”

Rear 3.5X10″

Battery type: Two 12V 73A/h

Power unit: Rear Wheel Drive 24V DC motor

Color: Metallic Silver

Testing Standards
Afiscooters are designed with driver safety in mind and according to international standards. Afiscooters are certified for CE-12184 in Europe, FDA approved in USA and hold ISO 9001-2000.


Market-Leading Experience

Since we were founded, more than 15 years ago, we focused solely on electric mobility scooters and power chairs , acquired unique expertise in this field our 5-star team drive to bring continuous meaningful improvements to our scooters.

Innovative Technology

All our products we offer for sale stands out for their unique design made to create maximum protection & Safety for the driver together with classic styling and premium high-end looks.

Safety Is Our Priority

We make sure that our scooters Consists of safety features, meet the toughest European and US safety standards, are FDA-approved, and comply with the EN-12184 requirements.

Complete Confidence in Our Products

With a proven track record of long-lasting reliability, we are confident to offer one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the market today.

Quality Is Our Standard

We try to create an outstanding user experience by giving extra attention to ergonomic design, easy -to-use controls, adjustable suspension, orthopaedic seating, generous leg room.

5 Star Service / After Sales Service

An in house technical support team and outstanding availability of spare parts all around Australia has made 5-star mobility scooters well known for responsive, professional service

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