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Freedom Premium Sport A08L
May 28, 2019
Freedom Sport DE08L
May 28, 2019

Freedom Pro-Lite DE08


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Pro-Lite DE08 Foldable Power Chair

Folds in Seconds and Easily Splits in Two for Light Lifting into the Car –

Heaviest Part Only 14kg!

The recently launched Premium Lite DE08 Chair is a gamechanger in portable powerchairs. Based on the Premium A08 this chair has the massive advantage of easily splitting into two segments for easy lifting into the car. Don’t break your back trying to lift your portable powered wheelchair ever again

  • We stock the lightest portable power chair range in Australia
  • This chair has suspension for a more comfortable ride
  • Range can be extended up to 45km
  • *(We sell quality chairs superior in design and popular in the US and UK – beware of cheap inferior quality chairs)
  • Take these folding power chairs wherever you go. At long last, a highly portable electric wheelchair that’s easy to fold, and is compact and lightweight.
  • Also included is battery charger, and 24v 10ah battery.

The importance of after sales support and service

After sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process. when it comes to buying mobility equipment.
5star mobility Scooters consider you our customer for life and are here to assist you should something go wrong 24/7 with your purchase.
we just do not talk the talk we walk the walk with you until you are fully satisfied with our caring team who will work with you till you are fully satisfied


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Freedom Chair DE 08 Premium Lite

The game changer in electric folding portable wheelchairs. A powerful chair with a whopping 160 kg weight capacity. But with the extra feature everyone is looking for. Easy lifting into the car boot


  • Super easy to fold in a second either way
  • Splits quickly and easily into two easy to lift segments
  • Features curved backrest
  • New double hinge extended footrest
  • Joy stick can easily be mounted on left or right side of armrest
  • Finger tip intuitive control
  • Extremely compact when fully folded
  • One piece folding design
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • High performance lightweight lithium battery 15 km range on just one battery
  • Range can easily be extended with a second battery to 30km, and a third battery to 45km in range
  • Battery easy to recharge using battery charger provided
  • Electromagnetic automatic braking
  • Suspension
  • Ideal for travel
  • Under seat travel pouch
  • MSDS for battery supplied for airline travel

 Full Specifications

  • Ultra light lifting: Drive segment weight 12.5 kg, Frame 14.3kg
  • Length:100cm
  • Width:60.3cm
  • Height: 89cm
  • Folding length: 60.0cm
  • Folding width: 67cm
  • Folding height: 32cm
  • Lithium battery: 24v 10ah
  • Ground clearance: 6.35cm
  • Front-wheel: 7’’PU
  • Real-wheel: 10’’PU
  • Max weight capacity: 160kg
  • Total weight: 26.8.KG
  • Battery weight: 1.6KG
  • Grade ability: 12°
  • Speed: 1~7km/hr
    Range: 15km 1x battery, 30km 2x batteries, 45km 3x batteries
  • Seat size: 49.0cm x 44cm
  • Motors: 250w  ×2 brushless
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic braking
  • Anti tips: Yes
  • Backrest: Adjustable (vertically)
  • Suspension: Yes – 2x front + 2x rear


The confident choice for all your mobility needs

Since we were founded, more than 15 years ago, we focused solely on electric mobility scooters and power chairs , acquired unique expertise in this field our 5-star team drive to bring continuous meaningful improvements to our scooters.

All our products we offer for sale stands out for their unique design made to create maximum protection & Safety for the driver together with classic styling and premium high-end look.

We make sure that our scooters Consists of safety features, meet the toughest European and US safety standards, are FDA-approved, and comply with the EN-12184 requirements.

With a proven track record of long-lasting reliability, we are confident to offer one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the market.

We try to create an outstanding user experience by giving extra attention to ergonomic design, easy -to-use controls, adjustable suspension, orthopaedic seating, generous leg room.

An inhouse technical support team and outstanding availability of spare parts all around Australia has made 5-star mobility scooters well known for responsive, professional service

The most technically advanced Foldable Lightweight Mobility Power Chairs  in Australia

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