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March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019

Luggie Lithium Battery 10.5 A/H


Battery 10.5 A/H

Increase your range by taking an extra battery pack with you on your journeys. The Lithium-ion battery is lightweight and slips easily into the battery slot on your scooter. As Scott, one of our Luggie users says: “I would also recommend taking a spare battery. I carried it under the seat to greatly increase my range when exploring Paris.”  Li-ion batteries have very specific charging requirements so you must use an authorised battery charger to ensure safe charging and protecting the warranty on the battery

The importance of after sales support and service

After sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process. when it comes to buying mobility equipment.
5star mobility Scooters consider you our customer for life and are here to assist you should something go wrong 24/7 with your purchase.
we just do not talk the talk we walk the walk with you until you are fully satisfied with our caring team who will work with you till you are fully satisfied


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