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Renta Hepro Support Pole & Attachments


Renta Hepro Support Pole & Attachments

($7 per day)

One system – countless opportunities

Gripo ia a safe support in everyday life. Gripo is a sturdy and flexible support tool that provides security to aid standing up and moving around the home. Gripo fits all homes and is very easy to mount. The support rod works well alone but can also be complemented with useful accessories.


• Support when you need it
• Utilizes your own resources
• Easy to assemble, move and disassemble
• Mounted without screws, nails or tools
• Large selection of useful and flexible accessories
• Numerous applications

The importance of after sales support and service

After sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process. when it comes to buying mobility equipment.
5star mobility Scooters consider you our customer for life and are here to assist you should something go wrong 24/7 with your purchase.
we just do not talk the talk we walk the walk with you until you are fully satisfied with our caring team who will work with you till you are fully satisfied

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In close cooperation with occupational therapists, we offer solutions tailored to our customers’ needs for mobility, balance, comfort and hygiene.
The goal is to provide security, coping and increased activity through functional and user-oriented products. We engage ourselves in the individual user and go a long way to deliver products tailored to your individual needs.

Materials Aluminium and plastic
Max/min headroom 210-300cm
Max load100kg (horizontally in the middle of the pole)
Max user weight 150kg
Product weight 4.7kg



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