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October 7, 2020
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Foldable Mobility Scooter

Every individual has the right to move around freely irrespective of one’s physical abilities. No one is not allowed to go out, enjoy the sunshine, bond with the family, or spend a day at the local market. However, it can be difficult for people who are physically challenged. With a foldable mobility scooter, they can keep up with their daily activities. 

A portable mobility scooter is a great option because you can easily bring it wherever you want to go. No matter if you are just heading down the road to visit a neighbour or planning an adventurous trip to the beach, this particular type of scooter will be of great use. 

Over the years, plenty of models were introduced to the general public. However, only a few withstood the test of time. If you are planning to buy a portable mobility scooter, you can choose from the top mobility scooter options available. 

It is a good idea to investigate the product a bit before buying to make an informed purchase. So, in this article, we have compiled the best mobility scooters you can find in the market today. Read on to know what foldable motor scooters are suitable for you and will help you get up and moving around. 

1. Ruby Foldable Mobility Scooter 

If you require an incredible amount of support and stability, this four-wheel mobility scooter will provide you with what you need. A good alternative to a three-wheel version, this compact travel power scooter uses flat-free tires. So, it will not mark on the flooring, and its wheels prevent the mobility aid from tipping, ensuring there is no risk of accidents. 

This scooter offers a maximum range of 9 miles and you get 4.25mph as a top speed. If you want to put the portable scooter in the trunk of your car, it will only require you a few minutes to disassemble it. 

2. Solax Australia Smart Traveller

This compact fold-up mobility scooter comes with an electromagnetic brake system that ensures safety. You can use the mobility aid inside and outside the house. 

No matter where and how you live, you can benefit from this type of folding scooter. It navigates easily in narrow and cramped spaces (e.g. apartment complex corridors and crowded places). So, you can take this collapsible mobility scooter wherever you want to—be it in a busy farmer’s market, in your car, or even on the plane for longer trips. 

It is equipped with high quality Lithium detachable battery that ensures stable performance. You can remove the battery and charge it wherever you want, even without bringing your compact mobility scooter. 

3. i-Living V8 Scooter 

This three-wheel folding mobility scooter is comfortable to sit in because it has an amply padded, faux-leather seat. But other than comfort, this three-wheel system is also easy to operate. The manoeuvrability is simple, even if you take it on tight spaces. It can hold up to 275lbs., which is substantial considering how lightweight the unit is. 

4. i Living i3 Scooter Plus Hoist 

If you are looking for a great foldable scooter for elderly people, this is the ideal unit for them. It can easily fold and unfold the scooter and use a ramp to put it back in the trunk of the car. It uses a Lithium detachable battery that will transport the user for 13.5 miles on one single charge. It can also carry weight of up to 300lbs. 

i Living i3 Scooter Plus Hoist is a one-of-kind type folding power scooter. Its features make it an excellent choice for individuals who might not have the movability to fold it manually. Besides, it allows its user a more convenient experience and an independent lifestyle. 

5. Freerider Luggie Standard

If you are an active individual or a traveller, you will love this fold-and-go mobility scooter. The Freerider Luggie Standard can be conveniently collapsed with a snap and brought along for whatever adventure lies ahead of you. 

Moreover, it comes with sealed lead batteries, which are great for airborne trips because they are airplane safe. This lightweight folding scooter is also key operated. You can control its speed through the control settings. You have the freedom to go the top speed of 4 miles per hour or set a lower limit. The scooter can handle up to 250lbs of weight. 

6. Pride Quest

If you are looking for a more affordable collapsible scooter, this folding scooter is for you. Pride Quest can fit perfectly in the trunk of your car. Plus, it has a 250lbs weight capacity and comes in a classic white colour. 

If you want to use this for travelling, this makes a good choice because it allows you to attach crutch bags and other accessories to hold all your belongings. As it is lightweight and highly transportable, it has a speed dial control and an LED headlight for ultimate safety. It also comes equipped with key ignition. It can easily be folded and unfolded. With a weight of only 44lbs with battery and 42lbs – this foldable mobility scooter for sale online and in stores is an excellent option for the adventurous user. 

7. Solax Australia Maleta

Fold or unfold this fold-and-go scooter in less than 10 seconds, so that you can get on to your next activity without hassling. It has a brand-new design and comes in grey, red and black, making it easy to pick one that fits your style and preferences. Folding mobility scooters for adults shouldn’t just be practical, but they should be stylish as well, and with these great colour options, everyone gets a chance to pick the colour that best represents them and their personalities. 

The foldable electric power scooter weighs a total of 59lbs and does not take up any unnecessary space when collapsed so that you can bring it with you everywhere no matter what you plan to travel by. Use it for a day downtown, to roll around the house, or go for an exciting adventure in another city. 

8. Atto Split Apart Foldable Scooter 

When looking for a foldable mobility scooter for adults, you will likely come across this beauty at some point. It weighs 62lbs (28 kilos), has a weight capacity of 250lbs, runs on 4 stable wheels that won’t ever go flat, and has a detachable battery so that you can bring it inside for easy charging. 

The wheels on this portable folding scooter are non-marking, which means it can safely be used both indoors and outdoors without leaving marks on the floor. You will find these lightweight mobility scooters for sale online as well as in select stores, and they are popular due to their sturdiness and easy fold and unfold functions. They also come with a practical basket that goes under the seat, for storing small items, a handbag or similar. 

Key Takeaways

With one of the top folding mobility scooters that you have just reviewed above, you will end up with a satisfying purchase. The items are affordable and come with many useful features to meet different user’s needs. Hence, do not hesitate to get your favourite folding mobility scooters while stocks last. 

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