Atto Shabat Controller

Atto Shabat Controller


How it works?

The ATTO SPORT user can easily – and without the use of tools – install the Shabbat remote control on the scooter’s handlebar and activate the remote control before Shabbat. This action turns the SHABBATTO engine on, but lets it operate in “crawl” mode throughout the Shabbat, consuming minimum power. This halachic principle is known as “continuous current modification”.

According to this principle, instead of turning the engine on in order to drive, the user is only adjusting the level of an existing current to move and modify speed. The fact that the engine is turned on prior to Shabbat, and operates continuously in the background, is a breakthrough that makes the SHABBATTO more halachically enhanced and sets it apart from the other Shabbat-approved scooters in the market. Once Shabbat enters, the user can use the Shabbat control installed on the handlebar to operate the scooter, without fearing desecration of Shabbat.

To use SHABBATTO on Shabbat, all you have to do is attach the remote control to the scooter and operate before Shabbat. The remote control is easily attached to the tiller using a flexible strap. Then simply connect the USB cable to the suitable socket just below the handlebar. To turn on, simply press the Gramma switch.

Additional information

SHABBATTO Mobility Scooter

Be mobile – even on Shabbat. Developed in Israel, the SHABBATTO is the world’s most advanced mobility scooter that is halachically approved for use on Shabbat. The result of an ongoing collaboration between Movinglife engineers and the Zomet Institute in Israel, SHABBATTO offers users the ability to activate an external mechanism, that deploys 2 principles to make it permissible for use on Shabbat: the Grama Principle and the existing current modulation technique. The SHABBATTO is a sports-car-like mobility scooter, that features all the high-performance and cutting-edge design elements of the ATTO SPORT but takes it one step further with the included Shabbat remote.

Travel Certificate

Approved for use on Shabbat

Originally manufactured mechanism, self-installed

Folds and unfolds in 10 seconds

Easily splits into 2 lightweight parts

Fits any car trunk / Flight approved


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