Solax Australia Supercharge

Solax Australia Supercharge


Solax Australia Supercharge

introducing the newest Remote controlled folding scooter, the supercharge


We have sold Solax portable scooters to many happy customers for many years, and we recently kept up this success with the new, improved model of this adaptable mobility scooter.

The Solax Supercharge plus, the most recent and eagerly anticipated advanced model, is now available! Solax Supercharge Plus is certain to become a favourite among users of folding mobility scooters thanks to several new features.

This brand-new iteration now includes rear suspension. This extra feature, which is extremely uncommon on a folding scooter of this type, significantly increases the level of comfort felt while riding the scooter.

Additionally, the seat has been improved to provide better posture support. A practical USB port for charging your mobile devices, a strong front headlight, and regenerative electromechanical brakes are additional improvements. Additionally, there is a new LCD display that shows your battery life, speed, and the distance you’ve travelled.

This amazing folding mobility scooter has a simple “Remote Control” opening and closing action in addition to being conveniently stored and transported. Push a button on the new, improved key fob, and the Solax Supercharge Plus mobility scooter will unfold in front of you without you having to bend over to release clips and pull levers. In less than 20 seconds, this mobility scooter can go from being folded for storage to being ready to use.

The Solax Supercharge Plus mobility scooter, which is currently offered in Red or Blue, is a very durable model with a user weight capacity of 125kilo, which is much higher than most folding mobility scooters. Despite only weighing a little over five pounds, the portable lithium-ion battery technology can carry you up to 50kms depending which battery you choose on a single charge. Solax Supercharge Plus includes flip-up armrests and a telescopic tiller that can be adjusted in height as standard features. For added security, you also get a variable speed dial, a delta tiller bar, and a key start as standard.

Product Code: SX 3530

Additional information

Solax Australia Supercharge


  • Upgraded Remote control - Solax Supercharge plus transforms into a compact, boot-ready shopping buddy at the touch of a button. The extended life and range of the remote control means even greater reliability.
  • Extra refinements - The Solax Supercharge comes with electro-magnetic brakes, front headlight, and USB charge point.
  • Deluxe Seat - Posture relief support in all the right places, Solax Supercharge PLUS is simply a more comfortable place to sit.
  • Smooth ride rear suspension - Solax Supercharge is one of the only auto-folding mobility scooters with rear suspension.
  • Weatherproof Chassis - With its improved weather resistant chassis the Solax Supercharge is ready for anything.
  • Best build quality.
  • Ready in seconds.
  • Folds for Storage and Transportation.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Free to transport on all airlines. Unique remote-control folding design easy to carry and store.
  • Electromagnetic brake system ensures safety.
  • 100% magnesium alloy frame for lightweight and strength
  • 3 folding methods remote control, manual and electric switch
  • Equipped with high quality lithium detachable lithium battery for stable performance.
  • Led display power, speed display at a glance.
  • Auto folding with applications on your smart phone with one touch to get your heartbeat and pulse.
  • This unique and original Portable Mobility Scooter offers great comfort, and easy fold for added convenience, allowing it to be transported for use out and about.


  • Unfolded Size:100X82X54 cm
  • Crossing height up to25 mm
  • Folded Size:48x70x54 cm
  • Drive Method: Rear wheel
  • Driving Speed:0~6 km/h
  • Frame:  Forging Frame
  • Driving Distance:50 km
  • Brake system Electromagnetic brake
  • Capacity:125 kg
  • Seat 40 cm, D 33 cm
  • Weight:26.5kg (battery excluded)
  • Tires:Solid(6’ X7’)
  • Battery Weight:8kg (for two Lithium batteries)
  • Lithium battery:2X24V 10AH or 2X24V6.6AH
  • Optional battery: 1pc 24v 20AH
  • Safe Gradient:0~12°Motor:
  • Brush motor
  • Turning Radius:≤1.4 m
  • Charger:9V 2A

The importance of after sales support and service

After sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process. when it comes to buying mobility equipment that you depend on for getting out and about.

For your added peace of mind 5star mobility provide you with a complimentary 24/7 breakdown service for the first 12 months should you ever have the need.

Market-Leading Experience

Since we were founded, more than 15 years ago, we focused solely on electric mobility scooters and power chairs, acquired unique expertise in this field our 5-star team drive to bring continuous meaningful improvements to our range of scooters, power chairs and other equipment,

Innovative Technology

All our products we offer for sale stands out for their unique design made to create maximum protection & Safety for the driver together with classic styling and premium high-end looks.

Safety Is Our Priority

We make sure that our scooters Consists of safety features, meet the toughest European and US safety standards, are FDA-approved, and comply with the EN-12184 requirements.

Complete Confidence in Our Products

With a proven track record of long-lasting reliability, we are confident to offer one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the market today.

Quality Is Our Standard

We try to create an outstanding user experience by giving extra attention to ergonomic design, easy -to-use controls, adjustable suspension, orthopaedic seating, generous leg room.

5 Star Service / After Sales Service

An inhouse technical support team and outstanding availability of spare parts all around Australia has made 5-star mobility scooters well known for responsive, professional service.


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